• WI Sustainability Reports
    Tailored specifically to the state of Wisconsin, these reports began as a presentation of a broad view of the state’s progress in recovering from the recession. Since then, they have continued to highlight both successes and areas in need of improvement within the state.
  • New Tech Jobs Report
    The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council, in cooperation with Cool Choices and the Wisconsin School of Business produced the first as well as the second comprehensive reports on New Technology Jobs for Wisconsin. These reports examine how the state and federal governments are working with the private sector to speed an economic recovery as well as position that state of Wisconsin as the new technology economic leader it should be.

  • Sustainability Survey
    Each year, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource’s Green Tier Program, in conjunction with the WI Sustainable Business Council and Cool Choices gathers information on “sustainability” efforts from Wisconsin businesses. The information is used to develop programming, both within the public sector, but also within the private sector.