The WI Sustainable Business Council is a network of Wisconsin businesses and organizations that are interested in, or actively responding to, the challenge of sustainability.  Many businesses find themselves  challenged by stakeholders to describe what they are doing in this field.  The council is designed to bring businesses together and provide resources to help businesses on their path toward being more sustainable.

Interest in sustainability can be driven by crisis (our current economic crisis, a  PR crisis, or a “crisis” created by regulatory pressure such as in the cap and trade area) or as a way to minimize risks.  In either case, many businesses are unprepared to proactively respond with a plan on how to integrate sustainability into the business.  However, Wisconsin is fortunate to have many businesses that have blazed at least some of the sustainability trail.  The Council seeks to create opportunities for businesses to learn from each other.  By working together, the business climate is improved and the success of Wisconsin businesses is increased.

Our goal is to establish Wisconsin not only as a destination for “sustainable businesses”, but as a home for businesses from all sectors with an interest in sustainability.  The economic health of the state is partly a function of the adaptability and progressiveness of the businesses in the state.  We hope to mentor, recognize and support any businesses with an interest in sustainability.

Our website is organized by the resource needs of businesses.  Please see the tabs above for access to documents, case studies and links designed to answer your questions.  If we are missing something, please contact us here.

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