We are pleased to present the 2016 State of Wisconsin Sustainability Report, prepared by students from UW Madison and sponsored by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council.

Tailored specifically to the state of Wisconsin, the 2016 report is the 7th annual report that we have prepared. These reports are not based on any new research or studies, but rather collect data that has been publicly shared about the state of the state in 2016. You will find highlights of both successes and opportunities for the state.

The metrics used reflect a holistic view of the state’s performance, integrating economic indicators with social and environmental indicators. We are the only state to produce this type of state-wide sustainability report. This “Triple Bottom Line” approach mirrors reporting that is being done by many companies in the state, including SCJohnson, MillerCoors, Johnson Controls and others.

We have much to be proud of! Take a look at both this year’s as well as previous year’s sustainability reports. Please complete the short form below to download the reports:

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