Green Manufacturing Summit (Flyer) – This summit focuses on highlighting practical and sustainable business strategies emerging within Milwaukee’s business community.  The goal of this summit is to advance the dialog on how green technologies and practices can positively impact the productivity, efficiency and bottom line of your business. (Milwaukee, WI)

Manufacturing Matters – Sponsored by the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP), the conference focuses on delivering opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration. For 16 years, the conference has raised public awareness of the vitality, strength and contributions of the manufacturing sector, and promoted the well-being of manufacturing as essential for a healthy, vibrant economy.


Sustainability Summit – To focus attention on the opportunities in renewable energy, the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) has initiated an array of renewable energy activities, including renewable energy demonstration sites, offering workshops and training seminars to expand public awareness, encouraging the development and sharing of curriculum materials, and delivering specialized renewable energy training to meet the needs of Wisconsin’s citizens, the skilled trades, and manufacturers. (Milwaukee, WI)


Ceres Conference – “The Ceres Annual Conference is a unique forum for America’s leading institutional investors, environmental groups and corporate executives to inspire and lead the way on “best practices” and other tools for analyzing, reporting and reducing environmental, social and economic risks.” (San Francisco, CA)


Green Festivals – “A two-day party with a serious purpose: to accelerate the emergence of a new economic paradigm that is life-affirming and life-restoring.”  Sponsored by Global Exchange and Co-op America, the event is held bi-annually to unite “green businesses, social and environmental groups, and thousands of community members” to exchange in commerce and movement-building fun. (Chicago, IL + Various other U.S. locations)


LOHAS Forum –  LOHAS stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, and this forum brings together business leaders from Fortune 500 companies, the entertainment industry, as well as celebrities and executives of nonprofit organizations.  Focuses on how companies can successfully enter the $227B LOHAS market, while enabling dialogue “between early trailblazers, emerging thought leaders and industry executives.” (Boulder, CO)

Midwest Renewable Energy FairSince 1990, the Energy Fair has shown fairgoers how to change the world while having fun. Each summer the Fair transforms rural central Wisconsin into the global hot spot for renewable energy education. The Energy Fair is the world’s largest renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable living educational event of its kind. (Custer, WI)


Bioneers Conference – The Bioneers Conference is an acclaimed leading-edge forum where you can see tomorrow today: a future environment of hope. Social and scientific innovators focus on breakthrough solutions inspired by nature and human ingenuity. These visionaries are already creating a healthy, equitable, diverse and beautiful world, our legacy for future generations and the web of life on which our lives depend. Here you can connect with hundreds or thousands of engaged folks making a real difference. (San Rafael, CA)

Focal Point  – Capitalizing on Sustainable Technologies will demonstrate how some of the Wisconsin’s leading businesses are developing and adopting new technologies that are more sustainable and contribute to their bottom line and competitiveness. The conference will feature sessions on renewable energy and biofuels; innovative use of renewable raw materials; resource efficiency; new product ownership models; and biocatalysts applications. Industry leaders will describe how their companies are putting ideas into practice right now. Focal Point 2012 will zero in on examples of product development and innovation that incorporates sustainable technologies, materials and methods and show how their use has brought benefits to the company in terms of market differentiation, environmental impact and bottom line.

UW Energy Institute Energy Conference – The UW Energy Institute hosts a day-long Energy Summit, focused on critical energy topics. The event brings together leaders in the energy field.

Wisconsin Solar Decade Conference Is your source for the latest news, information, tips and technologies in the world of solar energy. Register today to hear from top industry experts and attend dozens of exhibits, workshops and panel discussions as you discover the state of the technology, the state of the market.  Learn about the latest solar energy applications for your home and busines. Discover opportunities to tap the renewable energy market and expand your busines.  Network with fellow builders, contractors, homeowners and business owner.


Co-op America Green Business Conference – “You can build the marketplace for green businesses.  You’ll connect with like-minded business visionaries.  And learn how green businesses succeed.” (San Francisco, CA)