Energy Water NexusFor many businesses, the use of their product represents the majority of the environmental or social impact of that product. Thus, designing a new product or redesigning an existing product so as to minimize the environmental or social impact is an opportunity to truly make a difference. Through product design and redesign, substantial triple bottom line benefits are possible.

Designing or redesigning a product presents endless opportunities to create a product eligible for the Sustainable Product of the Year Award. Possible sustainability initiatives in product design include:

* Increasing energy, material or water efficiency
* Reducing emissions or waste during use
* Sourcing materials from local (or more sustainable) suppliers
* Extending the life of the product so that it doesn’t need to be replaced as frequently
* Other innovations

We know that each business is different, that each product is different, and that creative and unique solutions to developing sustainable products are done all the time. We encourage any business with a product they consider to be sustainable to apply.

Applications should include an identification, and, if possible, a quantification of direct and indirect benefits.

Winners in 2016 included Eco Latch Systems (left) and ITU AbsorbTech (right).

The 2017 Sustainable Business Awards will open mid March! The application will close on May 19th! You can check out our 2017 Sustainable Business Award Celebration page right here.