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Sustainable businesses are constantly seeking ways to run more efficiently and reduce costs associated with producing their product or service.  Whether the focus is on energy efficiency, materials efficiency, or employee productivity, process improvements can create triple bottom line benefits.

The Sustainable Process award is designed to recognize companies who are:

  • Implementing process improvement that save energy or time
  • Improving logistics and transportation options
  • Collaborating with others to realize sustainability benefits
  • Investing in research and development using sustainability criteria
  • Developing procurement criteria that reward sustainability in suppliers
  • Influencing customers to think of sustainable business practices in their purchasing decisions
  • Introducing lean or world class manufacturing principles into the company

This award seeks to recognize internal process changes that would normally be invisible. Case studies of past process changes are available to all at to the large variety of award-worthy business process changes, the award for sustainable processes is broad. However, please limit your application to a single identifiable process improvement.

Applications should include an identification, and, if possible, a quantification of direct and indirect benefits.

Winners in 2016 included Matchback Systems (left) and Empire Screen Printing, who adopted the Environmental Pillar from the World Class Manufacturing standard, resulting in a 48% reduction of energy use and the elimination of ozone depleting substances.

The 2016 Earth Day Business Sustainability Awards will open mid March! The application will close on May 19th! You can check out our 2017 Sustainable Business Awards Celebration page right here.