The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council, in cooperation with Cool Choices and the Wisconsin School of Business produced the first as well as the second comprehensive reports on New Technology Jobs for Wisconsin. These reports examine how the state and federal governments are working with the private sector to speed an economic recovery as well as position that state of Wisconsin as the new technology economic leader it should be.

While the data generally available on new tech jobs is presented at the national level, most jobs are actually created at the local level. Therefore, in order for investment in new technology industries to successfully transform the U.S. economy, investments must be made in communities from Manitowoc to Hudson, and from Ashland to Beloit. As you will see, the economic crisis does have a silver lining, and can be used as an opportunity to transition to a new economy while creating millions of new jobs.

The new technology economy can be one of the catalysts to catapult State (and more broadly, the country) beyond even a recovery from the 2007 recession. These jobs are grounded in our Wisconsin heritage of hard work and exceptional job training, utilizing our extensive manufacturing infrastructure. Wisconsin is already well positioned to be a leader in the new technology economy. It is our hope that these reports help to jump-start that recognition process so that our state’s potential can be realized. The most recent report looks at how we identify new tech jobs, categorize them, and quantify new tech jobs in Wisconsin. In addition, we also make several broad projections on the economic impact of new tech jobs as well as the industries that will lead the new technology economy. Finally, we will offer some of the most up-to-date information on current and ongoing initiatives utilized in creating new tech jobs in addition to the training programs necessary to fill them.

Take a look at both this year’s as well as previous year’s reports. Please complete the short form below to download the reports:

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