wisconsin map suitIn the spirit of Senator Nelson, the Sustainable Leadership Award is designed to recognize individuals that see beyond short term, market-driven actions and position their business, or their sector, for success over the long term. Sustainability reflects both a mindset and a values set, and we look to recognize leaders that embrace a triple bottom line approach. These individuals often have the mentality that “if not now, when, and if not me, who?”

This award honors individuals who see a better way for business to serve all of their stakeholders, from shareholders and employees to customers and community members. These individuals show an outstanding commitment to sustainable business practices and are models for others.

The exemplary sustainability leader:

  • Serves as a cheerleader within the institution on sustainability issues
  • Aligns sustainability with corporate culture
  • Incorporates sustainability into business processes and operations
  • Generates buy-in from other senior managers and the board
  • Creates opportunities for employee innovation and leadership
  • Engages stakeholders on sustainability through multiple channels of communication
  • Puts in place systems to measure and track performance and accomplishments
  • Recognizes and celebrates successes
  • Gives back to their community through developing partnerships between the business and the community
  • Makes sustainability personal

A sustainability leader can be anyone that embraces the possibilities of   change and integrates principles of sustainability into day-to-day business operations. The Wisconsin Earth Day Business Sustainability Award is designed to recognize the vision and commitment of individuals that often go unrecognized.

Applications should include an identification, and, if possible, a quantification of direct and indirect impacts of the individual.

Winners in 2016 included Beth Churchill of American Family Insurance, Al Skodowski of Transwestern, and Mike Brandt of Evergreen Credit Union.

The 2016 Sustainable Business Awards will open mid March! The application will close on May 19th! You can check out our 2017 Sustainable Business Awards Celebration page right here.