On May 16th, 2016 the WI Sustainable Business Council, in partnership with Cool Choices, presented the third annual Sustainable Business Awards. This year’s recognition event was held at the Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation’s (WECC’s) headquarters in Madison.

Many businesses play crucial roles in responding to social and environmental challenges, and WI businesses are no exception. We received 47 applications this year, almost twenty percent more than we received last year. The quality of the applications was higher this year also as companies are engaged in more and more sustainable behavior. The 2016 awards are designed to recognize Wisconsin businesses for their efforts in developing sustainable products and processes, and to recognize some of the amazing business leaders in the state.

Earth Day Business Sustainability Award 2016 Recipients
The Earth Day Business Sustainability Awards are designed to recognize businesses for their efforts in developing innovative products, processes, and business models. The 2016 winners are as follows:

Sustainability Leader of the Year:Beth Churchill, American Family

Sustainability Leader of the Year- Small Business: Mike Brandt, Evergreen Credit Union

Sustainability Product of the Year: ITU AbsorbTech 

Sustainability Product of the Year- Small Business: Eco Latch  Systems 

Sustainability Process of the Year: Empire Screen Printing 

Sustainability Process of the Year- Small Business: Matchback  Systems


The WI Sustainable Business Council is a network of Wisconsin businesses that are committed to operating in a sustainable/responsible way. The council works to educate businesses about sustainability, recognize businesses for their accomplishments, and bring companies together to learn from each other. For more information on the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council, visit http://www.wisconsinsustainability.com/