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The 5th Annual Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council Conference was held at American Family Insurance in Madison on December 7, 2012. Almost 350members of the Wisconsin business community gathered for a direct business-to-business exchange of sustainability experiences and ideas.

You will find video recordings of sessions and keynotes below. Please click on our sponsors’ logos at the bottom of the page to learn more about their own sustainability practices.


Welcome and Opening Remarks (Video)
Tom Eggert, Executive Director of  The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council and Kathy Kuntz, Cool Choices.

Keynote Address

Evonne Steger Plenary

Evonne Steger, “Sustainability at American Family: Raising Our Game” (Video)
Evonne Steger is the Associate Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Planning at American Family Insurance.

Morning Breakout Sessions

Innovation Leaders of Today (Video)
Innovation is key to the success of today’s businesses. Session speakers discussed new directions and approaches that their companies have taken in the environmental or social arenas: Paul Oswald, Environmental Systems Inc.; Shawn Rediske, Water House Foods; Mark Hanson, Hoffman. Session moderated by Kristin McGinley, UW-Madison.

Environmental Management Systems (Video)
The use of environmental management systems is on the rise as companies explore ways to integrate environmental performance into their day-to-day business decision-making. Session panelists explain how their have added these systems to enjoy cost savings: Dan Andersen, Phillips-Medisize Corporation; Greg Gorski, Tosca Limited; Jeffrey Jaeckels, Madison Gas and Electric; Shane Lauterbach, Lauterbach Group. Session moderated by Claudia Alvarez, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Terry Ross, UW-Madison.

Sourcing to Encourage Sustainability (Video)
Sustainable sourcing has become one of the key objectives of companies looking to improve their sustainability performance. Panelists discuss how their companies work with suppliers to push sustainability down the supply chain: Donette Beattie, Culver’s; June Fischer, Kohl’s Corporation; Lincoln Fowler, Alterra Coffee Roasters. Session moderated by Weston Halter, UW-Madison.

WSBC 2012 Sessions

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Economics of Sustainability (Video)
Sustainability professionals have many good ideas that are hard to justify under traditional return on investment metrics. Session panelists discussed how their businesses have found innovative and creative ways to justify sustainability projects: Dean Coffey, Ale Asylum; Jim McCabe, Milwaukee Brewing Company; Morgan Wiswall, Menasha Packaging. Session moderated by Courtney Krueger, UW-Madison.

Breakthrough Technologies in Sustainability (Video)
Innovation is the theme of this year’s conference. Innovation can occur in products, processes, or even the business model. Panelists highlighted breakthrough technologies that have been adopted at their companies, including describing the business case: Beau Engman, Johnson Controls Inc.; Corey Zarecki, Gunderson Lutheran Health Systems; Julie Sinistore, Virent Inc.; Marv Klowak, Briggs & Stratton Corporation. Session moderated by Kristin McGinley, UW-Madison.

Greening Your Fleet (Video)
Fleets are responsible for a substantial share of a company’s carbon footprint; they also present an area where saving money is still pretty easy. These panelists shared ideas and strategies to improve fuel efficiency and present bottom line savings: Chad Mark, Advanced Disposal Services, Inc. (formerly Veolia Environmental Services); Lisa Geason-Bauer, Evolution Marketing; Rochelle Bast, GO Riteway Transportation Group. Session moderated by Terry Ross, UW-Madison.

Workforce Health and Wellness (Video)
Maintaining a healthy work environment for employees is one of the most important aspects of businesses that strive to be sustainable at every level. Panelists discussed the initiatives their companies have taken to support the health and wellness of their employees: Jeff Neubauer, Kranz Inc.; Randy Peterson, Lands’ End; Tracey Cicirale, Sodexo. Session moderated by Shayne Piltz, UW-Madison.

What We Can Learn from Green Breweries (Video) Each of the featured breweries in this session has undertaken technological upgrades that are equally relevant to non-brewers. Panelists discuss innovations that they have implemented, including costs, implementation schedules, and the benefits they’ve enjoyed: Brett Danke, Red Eye Brewery; Dan Carey, New Glarus Brewing Company; Russ Klisch, Lakefront Brewing. Session moderated by Courtney Krueger, UW-Madison.
Tera Johnson, Tera'sWhey

Closing Plenary

Tera Johnson, “On Being Responsible” (Video)
Tera Johnson is the Founder and CEO of Tera’sWhey.


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