Businesses exchanging pragmatic ideas and practices for sustainability

The 2010 conference was hosted by Miron Construction.  We focused on taking full account of the environmental and social consequences of economic activity.

The students who put together the 2010 Conference kept a detailed list of the presentations and videos.  Take a look at where we were in 2010 and click on our sponsor logos at the bottom of the page to see where they are now.

2010 Conference Presentations

(9:15) The Economics of Sustainability and How it Improves Your Bottom Line (Video)

Affinity Health Systems, the Lauterbach Group and Kranz, Inc. discuss how they have followed the “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” motto at their companies and explain how they have been proactive. This session explains how the economics of sustainability is simple. The key is to look around and see where you are spending money and remember reduce, reuse, recycle.

(10:45) Identifying and Using Key Environmental Metrics (Video)

This session focuses on identifying strategies to effectively track, measure and report data from efforts to achieve reductions in areas that include water, carbon emissions and waste. Speakers from MillerCoors, Johnson Controls, and SC Johnson discuss strategies to track and report metrics at different levels of the organization and benefits of communicating reliable and relevant metrics to key stakeholders.

(10:45) Environmental Excellence Programs and Business Success (Video)

La Crosse County, Sweetwood Builders and Godfrey & Kahn discuss how environmental excellence programs help to catapult sustainability initiatives in their organizations. This session goes into depth on what three companies have done to adopt environmental excellence programs and how these programs have helped to improve business success.

(1:00) Best Practices in Communicating Your Sustainability Message (Video)

This session focuses on strategies that can be used to effectively communicate sustainable messages to key company stakeholders. Speakers from Evolution Marketing and Rockwell Automation discuss topics such as green washing, sustainability reports, creating concise and reliable messages, and internal communication.

(1:00) Best Practices in Internal Organization Around Sustainability (Video)

Speakers from Lands’ End, Briggs and Stratton and Phillips Plastics discuss how they work to engage employees at all levels of their companies around sustainability. They share how they have moved people from the point of merely listening to the point of understanding. Hear about programs which have been created to engage employees, such as a sustainability week that has taught employees about  how employees can act sustainably at home. This session explains the key factors that these companies have learned from their experiences.

(1:00) Green Trends in Packaging (Video)

This session explored how companies have switched to packaging designs that requires fewer resources and reduces material costs overall. The speakers from Orbis, Menasha Packaging and Central Waters Brewing discussed their various packaging adjustments. Their key points included evaluation of products using environmental metrics, redesign of packaging for less material use, and selection of suppliers that also work to limit their use of excessive packaging.

(2:40) Energy Efficient Solutions/Energy Technology (Video)

Learn how energy technology and energy efficient solutions can lower you environmental impacts and save your company money. ESI, SCA Tissue and Orion Energy discuss tactics to getting started on the path of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The key take home messages are: Know your impacts, know what your consumptions are by starting on the demand side, and share what you learn.

(2:40) Sustainable Sourcing/Purchasing (Video)

This session discussed the various ways that companies evaluate their suppliers’ environmental impacts in order to reduce their own and further the implementation of environmentally responsible production. Speakers from Kohl’s, Green Bay Packaging and John Deere discussed their use of supplier surveys, recycled material usages, and working with suppliers to improve any problematic environmental impacts.

(4:00) Beyond Environmental Sustainability: How and Why to Integrate Safety, Health, Governance, Labor and Ethics Issues Into Your Sustainability Agenda (Video)
Appleton Papers, Faith Technologies and Bassett Mechanical discuss how their companies have embraced the triple bottom line and how these practices are interconnected within their business decisions. A special emphasis is on the social side of sustainability. Learn how these companies have effectively integrated safety, health, governance, labor and ethics into their sustainability agenda.

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